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Portable Showers from Porta John Rental Services (for outdoor, camping and indoor needs), come handy for special events or outdoor events.

Camping Showers

Being comfortable when we are camping ensures that our outdoor experience should be remembered for all the right reasons.

Outdoor Portable shower for camping is a right way to make your camping comfortable, hygiene and memorable. With portable showers, outdoor adventures can be more civilized like taking a nice hot shower at the end of a long dusty day camping.

Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower installation is one of those things that seem odd at the first glance, but when people see others utilizing the installation. People tend to incline to have their outdoor events sanitized with the outdoor shower units.

Hot & Cold Portable Showers

Most of the people prefer to have hot water(or Luke warm water) for sanitation while for some of them it does not matter at all. Portable Showers from Porta John Rental Services provide a unique feature with two options – Hot & Cold Water Taps. The hot water tap is connected to the hot water service, cold water tap connects directly to your water unit(garden tap, hose etc).

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