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Self-Contained Restroom

What Is A Portable Restroom?

A Portable Toilet or a Portable Restroom is a movable sanitation unit which creates extra comfort at your outdoor events like parties, construction sites and in emergencies. Portable Restrooms are hygienic, safe and easy to mobilize whenever you host outdoor party at your home or when you go on camping or other adventurous outing.

Renting a Portable Restroom, hand washing sinks is the way to have a memorable and satisfactory outdoor event. Portable Restrooms for hire provides a unique way of handling the most important part of any event you plan. Be it a small party of 10 people upto 1000 people gathering.

Porta John Rental offers portable restrooms, portable hand wash sinks or hand washing station units which can make your life easier in handling outdoor events effectively. Porta John Rental services provides hygienic, safe and comfortable portable units which follow health regulatory guidelines. The Portable Toilets are well sterilized before delivery and pre-equipped with toilet-paper roll, hand towels, soap and odor maintenance system.

Porta John Rental’s Portable Restrooms come in different types:

  • Standard Portable Restroom
  • Deluxe Restroom – Flushing
  • ADA Compliant Portable Toilet
  • VIP Self-Contained Restroom

Porta John Rental’s units are affordable, clean and can be affixed with fresh and running water or water holding tank units, which controls inflow and outflow of water.

To know more about choosing the portable toilets for your event, request a free quote & we will respond to your request with a price estimate or you can call us at our toll free at 866-975-7494.

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