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Generally when ordering a portable toilet or a mobile shower trailer or a portable sink for an outdoor event, people tend to think only about the source of water inflow and miss where to send the used, waste water and often forget renting a water holding tank for the same. Our sanitation experts will guide you in selecting the right size of water holding tank based on your event’s size.

So, What is a Water Holding Tank?

A water holding tank is a large tank which controls inflow and outflow of water and holds fresh, used water for portable toilets, mobile showers and washing sinks. These come in 150 gallon to 1000 gallon storage capacities.

Porta John Rental Service’s Water Holding Tanks

The water holding tanks at Porta John Rental Service are available in different sizes and these are focused around volumes of water they can contain at one point in time. Water holding tanks has different sizes which can hold 150 gallons, 250 gallons, 500 gallons and most extremely 1000 gallons.

To know more about choosing the right water holding tanks for your outdoor event, request a free quote & we will respond to your request with a price estimate or you can call us at our Toll Free at 866-975-7494.

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