Hand Washing Sinks

Do We Really Need a Hand Washing Sinks?

Customers always forget to rent a hand washing sink while renting a porta potty. Hand washing sinks are equally important for every events, parties & special occasions to make it successful.

Washing hands each time after we use a portable restroom is the most hygienic factor that every customer should understand. Almost 75% of all infectious diseases are caused by dirty hands. Customer should rent a hand washing sinks along with a portable toilet rental to ensure the guests health factor.

How Much it Cost to Rent a Hand Washing Sink?

Most of the customer feels hand washing sinks are not necessary to save some extra. Whereas Hand Washing Sinks are cost effective to rent in comparison to a portable restroom. It also ensure your guests are comfortable enough in regards to the hygiene factor. You can call us at 866-975-7494 or request a free quote to get a price estimate of hand washing sink station.

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